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Dirt Devil Racing provides free race photo downloads.  The link will be sent to you in a post race email as well as be posted on the race webpage within a few days following the race.

We are also known to create a race video so make sure to smile…ya never now when you might be starring in one of our videos!

2017 Stairway to Heaven Half Marathon & 15 Finish Line Photos

2017 Stairway to Heaven Half & 15K Course Photos


Photos from the 2016 Wildhorse Trail Half Marathon and 10K

Trail photos

Finish Line Photos Part 1

Finish Line Photos Part 2

Photos and video from 2016 Stairway to Heaven

2016 Stairway to Heaven Finish Line Photos

2016 Stairway to Heaven Finish Line Photos 2

Finish Line Video

2016 Stairway to Heaven course photos

more 2016 course photos

2016 Raptor Ridge Photos

2016 Finish Line Photos



7 Responses to Event Photos

  1. Renee Kurz says:

    I’m interested shooting event photos at your events. I have professional grade equipment and my photos have been shown in exhibitions.

    • Dr. Runco says:

      Thank you for the offer Renee. I do currently have a photographer….is this something you want to do as a hobby or do you want payment? If you want to do it as a hobby then I would invite you to participate at our next event and see how you like it. If you are seeking payment as I said we already have a photographer.

      • Renee Kurz says:

        I would love to do both! How would I go about participating in an event? What would I need to do to be considered more than a hobby photographer for your company?

        • Dr. Runco says:

          We would have you come out and shoot some photos along the course at the April race. This would be done as a hobby though. As I said we do have a professional photographer that we currently pay for service.
          We might be able to have you offer your photos for free or for payment via a website you could create

  2. Vince says:

    Were the photos for the 5k posted. I must have missed them.

  3. Natasha Swartley says:

    When are the photos and results from the Wild Horse Half going to be sent out?

  4. Oytun Egemen says:

    Hi I am trying to reach to the run photos. I have not received any emails or link. How can I find it. My bib was 200. Thanks

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