Results – 2011 Stairway to Heaven 5K and 15K

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making this such a great event! We got such positive feedback from everyone that it makes us really feel fortunate to bring these events to you. Without further ado, here are the results from the 2011 Stairway to Heaven 5K and 15K.

2011 Stairway to Heaven 15K Results

2011 Stairway to Heaven 5K Results

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10 Responses to Results – 2011 Stairway to Heaven 5K and 15K

  1. Tim says:

    You guys did an outstanding job of setting up the course; well marked, challenging, great scenery to (sometimes) take your mind off of the hills. Can’t wait to run it again next year.

  2. john kaufman says:

    Great event,well planed out,Great job dirt devil racing,,I ran in painted rocks as well,looking foward to raptor ridge ,should be fun,John Kaufman

  3. Steven Evers says:

    I cant believe I was the only male 19 and came in first. Cant wait to do it next year!!!!

  4. Steven Evers says:

    oh yea I for got i’m only 14 too.

  5. Janet amezcua says:

    I loved the course. It was so much fun! We ran through a spot that brought back childhood memories!

  6. Jim Clark says:

    I noticed one person wearing Luna sandals and two people (there were probably more) who were in VFFs. If any of you read this comment, how did that footwear work on the trail?

  7. Christina says:

    Thanks for a great event! Well supported, organized, challenging and scenic. And those stairs….humbling! Can’t wait to go back to Oregon and tell all my running buddies about it.

  8. LaDawn says:

    Many thanks to the staff and all the volunteers! Very well-organized race! See everyone at Raptor Ridge!

  9. Tawnne says:

    Had a great time at the race, thank you! Already talking other runners into joining me next year!
    My only commentwould be regarding the pictures, while there were plenty of the individuals participating in the race, there weren’t any of the course. Nothing to show the stairs we diligently climbed or the beautiful creeks and trails we ran through.

  10. Vanessa says:

    @Jim – I wore huarache sandals (Invisible Shoe brand), and I know another guy (Anthony Sanders) wore Lunas. We both had to re-adjust the straps near the end. Mine had gotten loose from all the uneven terrain, so I had to tighten. After a minute of adjusting, I was running again. My soles were VERY thin so there was a lot of ground sensation – I felt everything. Not painful, but I definitely had to watch my step. I wouldn’t recommend anyone do this race in sandals unless they are VERY accustomed to running in huaraches and don’t mind taking it a little slower. I’m guessing Vibrams probably work better on this terrain.

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