Results – 2011 Raptor Ridge Half Marathon

Congratulations to everyone that participated in the 2nd annual Raptor Ridge Half Marathon.

Half Marathon Race Results by Age Group

Half Marathon Race Results by Overall Finishing Time

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6 Responses to Results – 2011 Raptor Ridge Half Marathon

  1. Jon Appel says:

    Thanks for a great race. I loved everything, except for the finish where we had to run off the trail, onto the street, around the cars, across the ankle turning section of granite! After 13 miles on a beautiful soft trail that was not the type of finish line I had envisioned for a trail race. I have no idea how far it was (30 meters?), but it definitely left a sour taste. Couldn’t we just finish on the trail? Other than that don’t change a thing for next year!

  2. marcella teran says:

    I really enjoed your race. You did a great job! I did find it hard to pass people especially on the single track, when they were listening to their music. I think it could be unsafe for them and the other runners. I think with the beautiful surroundings, there really is no need for other distractions.

  3. Chris Lower says:

    Wow, what a great run. This was my first Dirt Devil race and I’m looking forward to many more. Early in the run, as we headed east toward the mountains with fog rising from the wet lands and rays from the morning sun peaking over the horizon highlighting what appeared to be an endless string of runners was an amazing sight worthy of the Rave Run of the Month from Runner’s World. Just spectacular!

  4. Jared says:

    Had a great time. For the people with music in the ears, if you yell, which I did numerous times, “On Your Left” every single person moved. Some were startled, but that did not slow me down. I think the finish just added another element of challenge. Keep up the great races.

  5. Sean Stokes says:

    Thanks Dirt Devils for hosting another great race! I was running on an injured calf but somehow I managed to finish the whole half marathon. The way the trail is laid out with the hill about 5 miles in served as a good change of pace and gave me the adrenalin boost I needed to finish the race strong. Great idea holding the awards at the brewery afterwards! I needed to self-medicate with some alcohol. Looking forward to the next race!

  6. Jessica says:

    This was my very first half marathon. I had a blast and enjoyed every moment. It was the type of challenge I was looking for in a run. I am definitely looking forward to the next one.

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