Results – 2012 Wild Horse 5k and Half Marathon

Otay LakesCongratulations to everyone that participated in the 2012 Wild Horse 5k and Half Marathon!

Wild Horse 5k Results

Wild Horse Half Marathon Results

Points Results

Animal Series Points Earned at Wild Horse Half Marathon

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4 Responses to Results – 2012 Wild Horse 5k and Half Marathon

  1. I saw a few people out there take some interesting short cuts!!!!! 13.1 is 13.1.

  2. Irina says:

    Good dirty race!

  3. Tina Breen says:

    Loved the course, the people and of course Dr. Vic cheering us all in at the finish. And then there is Reno and Emliy, and the crazy cowboy lady who just makes me smile.
    My one complaint……folks running with head phones on. No matter how many times I would say “On your right” they just wouldnt move. I would dodge around them, which took me off the trail. Plus for safety reasons it’s just not smart.
    Other than that the day was perfect.

  4. Brad says:

    Beautiful course, and very well organized as always.

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