Results – 2012 Cougar Run Half Marathon & 5K Fun Run

Cougar Half Marathon

Cougar Half Marathon

Thank you to all that ran the “Cougar Half Marathon” and “5k Fun Run” this past Sunday. We appreciate your patience with the locked gate delay. As you know, Dirt Devil Racing prides itself with on-time starts. Well, Sunday that didn’t happen … but you all rallied, followed directions well, and we got the race off only 38 minutes late. Not bad considering we were there at 4:30am to set up and couldn’t even get our gear in until well after 6:15am!! So thank you again, and we sincerely apologize for the snafu! Hopefully the free pizza at the After Party helped to make up for it!!!

If there are any minor discrepancies between what your watch, Garmin, Timex, etc showed as your time, versus our timing system … you’ll have to go with our posting. We timed the course three different ways when marking the course, and it was 13.3 … I heard rumors that it was close to 14 and that is completely false. (Keep in mind where you started the race was NOT where you finished.) This is a “trail race” and as such it is not exact race distances for obvious reasons. We can’t just place an aid station or turn around in the middle of a single track trail. There has to be room to accommodate the turn and the Aid Station gear … thus the slightly longer 2/10th of a mile. Also, when there are elevation changes and mountains, often the Gramin has discrepancies. Thus our professional timing clock/system which is immune to those GPS-type flaws.

If you raced in your assigned wave and ran the entire course as marked, you were verified on our video camera at the turn around, and at the finish line. If there is some other issue with your timing as we have it listed you are welcome to contact during this week only!! All requests will be looked into, but changes will not be posted unless it is our error. As there were no bib changes allowed, but you ran under another bib name, or wave, or distance, you may not have a time posted. (We’ll save the scolding for another time… wink)

We hope you all had a great race and we look forward to seeing you on the trails soon!!!

Congrats again to all ~ Dirt Devil

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7 Responses to Results – 2012 Cougar Run Half Marathon & 5K Fun Run

  1. E says:

    Can we get an overall finisher list (i.e. men and women together)?

  2. Alejandro Procopio says:

    Will there be overall places for all runner on a later list?

    • Dr. Runco says:

      Yes. Right now it is broken down by age category. Hopefully by Thursday we will have the list you want up on

  3. Steve Bean says:

    Great Race on Sunday – Loved the course – No problem about the late start – Some things can’t be helped

    Were there Awards for the race, Age Group or otherwise? I couldn’t make it to the Post party, so maybe missed out

    Thanks again and see you in October for raptor Ridge


  4. Thanks for posting the results. Can’t wait to see the photos.

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