Results – 2012 Stairway to Heaven 5k and 15k

Congratulations to all of the finishers of the 2012 Stairway to Heaven 5k and 15k!! All of you are AMAZING!!!  If you have any questions or concerns with the results please contact Julie at

2012 – Official Results Stairway to Heaven 5K

2012 – Official Results Stairway to Heaven 15K

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5 Responses to Results – 2012 Stairway to Heaven 5k and 15k

  1. yale strom says:

    Dr. Runco and all of your assistants thanks for a wonderful race – even with the few blips. If I had not fallen (I was the guy that looked like I had fallen into a mud hole to – I wish!) I think I would have caught even more guys/gals half my age. Yes it was bloody hot but thanks for insisting that we all carry some liquid.

  2. Anna says:

    BIG THANKS to everyone who worked the aid stations and the park rangers who were also handing out water and helping people out. We could not have done it without you!!!

  3. Barbara Rasmussen says:

    Thanks to all who volunteered to make this challenge possible for us! Thanks to Dr. Runco for an interesting course–that which does not kill us makes us stronger!

  4. Briana Thomas says:

    The Stairway to Heaven 15K kicked my butt like I never knew it could be kicked!!!. Big thank you to everyone who helped put it together–I imagine it was NOT an easy task! Giant appreciation for the “pre-race” a few weeks before that was available to us–made it fun to see what to expect (and bring a friend who couldnt participate in the actual race). All the race goodies after were amazing as well–more freebies I have ever gotten from a race! Thanks again!! Looking foward to signing up for a future race with you guys!!

  5. Tazo says:

    First time trail runner in San Diego- had a great time, loved the course, REALLY appreciated the aid stations and the volunteers who were out there! Thank you all so much. See everyone at Raptor Ridge!

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