Dirty Invitational Trail Marathon

UPDATE (Oct. 2012): The Dirty Invitational Trail Marathon 2012 is complete, See the Results Here or Read a Review of the Race. We are working on setting the new race information, signup links and related info now. We will update this page as soon as the information becomes available.

In the meantime, Click Here to view the Projected 2013 Race Schedule.

“It was long, hard and I was breathing heavy.  Messy finish…goal achieved”

Date: September 30, 2012
Race Start Time: 6 AM

Sorrento Valley Blvd.

Parking Area of Los Penasquitos Canyon

Who: Runners qualify by breaking 2 hours in any of these 2012 Dirt Devil Half Marathons: Wildhorse Half, Foxy Half and Cougar Half are all qualifiers. (Currently Raptor Ridge is not a qualifying race……sorry!)

What:  The Dirt Devil “Dirty Invitational Trail Marathon” is an invitation-only race and is meant to pit the fastest and most competitive runners against each other. There will only be 50 competitors allowed in the 2012 race, as that is all Los Penasquitos Canyon permitting will allow. Runners will compete against runners in their speed divisions, not age or gender divisions. (There are plans to move the race to a different trail next year and invite 100 qualifiers.)

When: The race will be held on Sunday, September 30, 2012 and begin promptly at 6:00 am. (Check in begins at 5:30am!) There is a 5 hour cut-off that will be enforced. If you do not make cut-off times for any reason our Race Staff will take your bib and escort you back to the start/finish area at Sorrento Valley Blvd. Due to permits we cannot remain on the trails for any reason. Please follow the instructions of all Race Staff.

Where: The Dirty Invitational Trail Marathon will start at the Sorrento Valley Blvd parking area of Los Penasquitos Canyon in San Diego County. It will consist of double track and single track trail, and be completed in 2 loops. The start/staging area will also be the main aid station and the 13.1 mile mark. After crossing this point, the runners will continue on to complete their second loop and return to the start/finish area.

How: This is the Boston Marathon of Trail Running! It is a unique event with nothing else like it out there. Runners will get to compete with other runners in their SPEED category not their gender or age! Runners will be assigned to speed divisions based on their Half Marathon qualifying times and other runners who have done the same qualifying times. In the event there are not enough runners to compete effectively in a division, the runners may be assigned to a slower division, with the slower runners being given a handicap to their time. This ensures fair competition.

There will be five Divisions (A thru E) … and each having 10 participants. Divisions are based on fastest finish times from all qualifying races combined.

Runners will compete in these divisions against other runners … male or female, old or young. You will be competing for overall in each category. Each division will be assigned 10 runners so you have a 30% chance to place in your category! Once again winners are not male/female or age categories, but based on speed and limited to 10 runners in your same speed division.

Why: Dirt Devil Racing is proud to bring you this awesome experience. There will be beautiful technical shirts and finisher awards for ALL runners. Over $1,000 total dollars in prizes go to all the Winners, and each Division will separately be competing for:

1st Place $100 Value running prize + Bragging rights
2nd Place $75 Value running prize + Bragging rights
3rd Place $50 Value running prize + Bragging rights

Cost: The cost is $90 per racer. After you receive your invitation you will have only 48 hours to email your “Registration Form” (attached to your Invite) and reserve your spot. SDRI will call you for your credit card payment when they are processing your registration. Please do NOT call the store or email any other sources. Do NOT send multiple emails or Registration Forms… you will be contacted within 48 hours as time permits.

Fine Print: If you did NOT get an “Invitation” yet, we have to fill each category before moving on to the next division. Again, we are limiting each division to only 10 registrations, based on several criteria; with Winners of each race getting first option to register. If your division does not fill, the next set of qualifiers will be emailed and so on until that Division has filled up. Keep in mind there are often 60 or more who qualified with the same race time as yours, but separated by mere seconds. Not everyone is guaranteed an invite. (That’s why it’s called the “Dirty” invitational.)

Again … if you know that you had a qualifying time in one of the 2012 Half Marathons, but did NOT receive an Invitation … and this race becomes sold out, it is because your Division has already filled completely. We know it sucks!! But try again next year when we have more spots to be fill !!!

Bottom Line: If you do not email your Completed Registration Form within the 48 hours allotted to you and per OUR email time stamp … your spot will be given away to the next qualified runner. No exceptions. (No whining.)

15 Responses to Dirty Invitational Trail Marathon

  1. joseph says:

    When are we going to know who were competing against? Also, when are the half-marathon series standing going to be posted????

    • Dr. Runco says:

      We may or may not post the divisions ahead of time but you will be racing against males and females that qualified within a 5 minute window of your own qualifying time in one of our Half Marathons.

      The Half Marathon Series Points are currently being reviewed before posting. I wish we could do all this more quickly but we have day jobs as well :)
      I will do my best to get the points up on the web this week.

  2. Jen Rogers says:

    I’d love a spot in the Dirty 1/2…how can I get a spot!?!?!?

  3. Mandi Makie says:

    I am interested in the dirty half?

  4. Erik says:

    When can we find out our race group times? Also, during the course preview Doc said there are going to be 5 different aid stations, what are the locations of the aid stations?

    • Dr. Runco says:

      There will be 5 aid stations at approximately mile 5, 10, 13, 18 and 22. You should definitely carry your own water. In the pre-race email going out this week you will be notified of all details

  5. Jeremy Culuko says:

    Did the pre-race emails go out already?

  6. Sean Stokes says:

    Thanks Dirt Devils for an epic race! Very well organized, and I really, really appreciated the icy sponge at the mile 20 aid station…still can’t believe I finished in one piece and actually placed in my division! The after party was a blast and the prize packs you handed out were awesome (so were the finisher dog tags and the smoogie bags with the killer race t-shirts). I also want to thank Pat for his excellent photography.
    Looking forward to next year (if I qualify that is). Doc mentioned it may be held in Mission Trails?

    • Dr. Runco says:

      We love that you enjoyed the race Sean. I may move the race to either Black Mountain or Mission Trails or the San Dieguto River because Penasquitos only allowed 50. I would like to have 100.

  7. luis montes says:

    Quick question, is Raptor Ridge 2012 a qualifying race for the 2013 invitational marathon?

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