Results – 2013 Raptor Ridge Half Marathon

Raptor Ridge LogoCongratulations to all of the 2013 Raptor Ridge Half Marathon Race Finishers!! Here are your results!

Raptor Ridge Half Marathon is the last race of the Summer Grand Slam Dirt Devil Series.

Thanks again for being a part of our race!

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5 Responses to Results – 2013 Raptor Ridge Half Marathon

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  2. Umberto Guerrero says:

    Hi do you have any extra growlers. I would love to buy one. I ran the last three races but missed the 5k because of the rock&roll.

    • Dr. Runco says:

      possibly….I have to see who of the racers that did all 4 actually picks them up in time Umberto….I would love to sell you one…for $1,000,000 :) email me at in one week and I will let you know

  3. Vick says:

    Hi – Wondering where I can find the pictures that were taken during the race. Please let me know. Thanks!

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