Foxy Pre-race Instructions

The 2018 Foxy Half Marathon and 5K is fast approaching!  Almost all questions can be answered by reading the race page

But here are a few general instructions for those of you who refuse to go read the website. Please pay special attention to the links.  Directions, course maps and race page.

  1.  Bib pick up on race day morning! It will start at 6 am. You will need to have your Drivers License ready to ensure you are in the race.  Having your  Foxy Race Entry “CONFIRMATION” pulled up on your smart phone with proof of registration is not a bad idea either!
  2.  If you are not on our registration list or did not sign up for the race you will not be allowed to run. Please do as instructed and have your ID ready and proof of registration in case there was any error by our registration platform.
  3.  Check in on race day morning NO LATER THAN 6:20 am.  You will want to park either in the parking lot of West Bernardo Community Park or in the Parking lots on West Bernardo Drive.  We will be under the Gazebo near the bathrooms.  If you park on West Bernardo Drive you can walk across the soccer/baseball fields to the Gazebo. We will be directing most cars to park on the parking lots on West Bernardo Drive….it is free. DIRECTIONS TO WEST BERNARDO COMMUNITY PARK.
  4.  With your bib you will be given your race shirt. You will be given the shirt size you requested on your registration. There will be NO SIZE SWAPS until after the race is over.  If you want to swap your shirt size please come see the race director after the race is over as there is too much to do before the race.  If you signed up to late you acknowledged you may not receive a shirt.
  5. The Half will start promptly at 7am with a MASS START, faster runners in the front slower in the back.  The first 3/4 mile of the course is on the parking lot and the bike path on West Bernardo Drive.  The Half Marathon will cross the suspension bridge to the North Lake and hit the trails. There will be a total of 5 aid stations for the Half.  The 5K will go the same way but BEFORE THE BRIDGE WILL MAKE A LEFT ONTO SINGLE TRACK TRAIL!! There should be an aid station or at least a race guard directing you but in the event there is not 5K MAKE SURE TO GO LEFT ONTO THE SINGLE TRACK TRAIL AND DO NOT RUN OVER THE SUSPENSION BRIDGE…….YOU WILL END UP RUNNING THE HALF MARATHON COURSE
  6.  The Half marathon is not a true out and back so you will sometimes return on different trails than you went out on. The 5K is a loop of sorts so you WILL NOT come back the way you came. HALF MARATHON COURSE MAP 5K COURSE MAP
  7.  Half Marathoners should carry some kind of water.  I am trying to go “green” and eliminate cups at aid stations.  By carrying your own water source you help save a tree and eliminate plastic in landfills…plus you save me $7.95 and a Costco run prior to the race :)
  8.  5K does not need to carry water but you can.  You will only have an aid station at the 1 mile point.
  9.  The course(s) will be marked with Pink signs, yellow cones, colored course ribbon on bushes and flour on the ground… attention to it.  Half Marathon will follow PINK……5K Pink and Yellow.
  10.  The Boy Scouts will be cooking and offering breakfast for $5-6 cash at the finish. We have had them here the past 3 years and everyone loves it.
  11.  Prizes from our sponsors will be given out at the Gazebo following the official end of the Half Marathon at 10:30 am.  I hope to begin handing out the prizes to 1-3rd place overall male and female in both distances around 10:30-11 am.  Small prizes will also be awarded for 1st place age category winners.
  12.  You will all have photos taken of you on the course.  THEY ARE FREE!!!  You will be given a code to access them post race.  You will have at least one trail photo and one finish line photo that you can download for FREE!
  13.  Running trail and trail races is a great way to spend your Saturday.  We at Dirt Devil Racing appreciate you and want to make this and future experiences as rewarding as possible.  We are always striving to create the best race experience possible for you.  In pursuit of this we do a few things that are different from other events and would appreciate any feedback you might have. Dirt Devil Racing provides;
  14.  Race day bib pick up
  15.  Well marked courses to follow
  16.  Great aid stations
  17.  Out and back courses so you can park and finish at the same spot….this is actually really important to me personally!
  18.  FREE RACE PIC’s!  Who does that?  Dirt Devil Racing does that for you!  Most races charge $35 and up….are you kidding me?
  19.  Technical Running shirts.  No BS cotton t’s around here.  Trail runners deserve the best! Plus they are male and female specific!
  20.  Functional Race awards in addition to medals. I mean, who doesn’t want or need a race mug with the race logo on it. Plus if you run all 4 races you earn a really cool stainless steel Mike Hess-Dirt Devil Racing beer growler!
  21.  Post race breakfast.
  22.  Cool prizes from our sponsors.   MILESTONES RUNNING COMPANY, Movin Shoes ROAD ID and MORE!

If you insist on listening to music please only wear one headphone in one ear so you can hear approaching runners, cyclists or walkers behind you. Also, please do not play your music on a speaker so that all can hear it.  No one wants to hear your ABBA or Brittaney Spears tracks. Just wear one headphone please so that you can also hear faster runners approaching behind you.  If a faster runner is approaching behind you simply move to your right allowing them to pass on your left.

  1. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!! If you are intending to run the Wildhorse Half or 10K please, please go sign up now.  Last year we had an enormous amount of runners who ran the Foxy and Wildhorse sold out early preventing them from doing the series.  Register here USE CODE DIRT18 FOR $5 OFF.


Want to try your legs with a local mountain trail race?  Check out THE PEAK Half Marathon or Marathon this summer! Register here USE DISCOUNT CODE Pinnacle18 for 10% off

Pinnacle Endurance also needs some volunteers for the Oriflamme Canyon 50K contact: