2019 Raptor Ridge Trail Half Marathon

2019 Raptor Ridge Photos

Raptor Ridge Course Map with Elevation Profile

Race Information


Date: Sunday October 13, 2019 

Location: 3600 Sunset Drive, San Dieguito River Park

Start/Finish: Sunset Drive, Mule Hill Trailhead

Packet Pick-up Location: Packet Pick-up will take place at the starting area.  All racers will receive their bib when you check in. Make sure to get your medal when you finish then proceed to the check in tent where you will receive your custom, technical fabric race shirt and race logo pint cup.

Click here for Directions to Start/Finish area and Parking

Parking:  There is ample parking at the start/finish area.

Half Marathon Start: 7 am

(Mandatory Race Day Check-in: 6:00-6:45 am FOR ALL RACE DISTANCES!)
(Parking Lot opens at: 5:45 am)

***Please have your photo ID ready to show in order to pick up your bib.  You can also have a picture of  YOUR ID to show on your smart phone***  If you cannot run, please tell them at check-in!

Course Map Half Marathon: Note the course is subject to minor changes depending on weather and any trail closures beyond our control.

 COURSE MAP Trail Half Marathon

Course cut-off:

  • Trail Half Marathon: The course cut-off time is 3.5 hours.

Aid Stations: There will be 4 aid stations on the Half Marathon course.

Registration & Entry Fees – REGISTER

Entry Fees:

Raptor Ridge Half Marathon

  • $67 – Early Bird through May 14, 2019 ($77 starts May 15, 2019)
  • $77 –  through 7/14/2019 at midnight ($87 starts July 15, 2019)
  • $87 – until race closes on 10/6/19 or if it sells out prior!
  • $97 – for race day sign up (only if cancellations; includes late fee)

Raptor Ridge 15K

  • $60 – Early Bird thru May 14, 2019 ($77 starts May 15, 2019)
  • $70 – thru 7/14/2019 at midnight ($87 starts July 15, 2019)
  • $80 – until race closes on 10/6/19 or if it sells out prior

Refund Policy:  

There are no refunds…no exceptions.  Dirt Devil Racing does allow for bib transfers or distance changes 2 weeks or MORE prior to the race, however there is a $5 admin fee to do so.  


Steps to CHANGE the distance you want to run:

1.  You must notify the race director (Runco@sdri.net) with your request no less than 2 weeks out from the race.  Give full name used for sign-up, and the NEW distance you want to run if dropping down for any reason. That’s it. Simple.  *If you decide to do so on race morning, you must tell this prior to getting your bib on race morning, as a new bib number must be re-assigned and you will not be guaranteed a race time*


Steps to CHANGE the Racer’s Name/Info: 

1.  If transferring your bib to another racer … You must notify the race director of your full name used for sign-up, the full name of the the person taking your bib, and their email address.  The NEW Racer must also notify the race director (Runco@sdri.net) and then go to ultrasignup.com to register their own information and sign the release.   Upon completion, the NEW Racer will be prompted to pay….DO NOT at that point… but instead proceed to checkout where they will see a balance of $5.00 (This is the change fee.)  If it says anything other than “$5” take a picture of the screen, get off the site, then contact Runco@sdri.net.   

 If all necessary information is not provided to the race director in the time-frame required, the bib will be “disqualified.”   Again … No bib transfers will be accepted within 2 weeks from Race Day …….no exceptions.

 Race day changes are NOT guaranteed, but every effort will be made in emergency cases only.  Please see “Krista” at Bib Check-in.

Race Schwag:  All finishers receive a race logo stadium cup, moisture wicking race logo shirt and custom race medal.

Prizes/Awards: Prizes provided to Overall Male and Female 1st, 2nd, & 3rd and First Place (only) Age Group Winners.  Please see the Race Prizes Page for more details.

Trail Half Marathon and Progressive Series Pricing
You must sign up for Early Bird/Tier 1 pricing for each individual race.  Sorry but there is not an additional discount or way to sign up for all 4 at once.

  • You must run all 4 races to be eligible for the series.  Run all 4 Half’s or the 5K, 10K, 15K and Half.  If you drop down in any race within the series you are no longer eligible for either Series Award.

***NOTICE: This is a trail race and therefore distances can’t always be exact. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you extra if the distance is a little more (or less) ***

It is MANDATORY (HIGHLY SUGGESTED) that all runners carry at minimum 12 oz. hand bottle for hydration. This is a trail race and we are trying to eliminate the use of cups at Aid Stations to truly go green and sustainable. We need you to do your part. We will meet you half way this year … but plan to go completely green in 2020.  So start running with a hand bottle or backpack now!  You can score a sweet one at our first race in 2020!

Race Results: Race results will be available at the Awards Ceremony following the Half Marathon finish. Please do not interrupt the professional timing team. Just as you want an accurate time, so do the racers that have yet to finish behind you.  All “official” race times and distance placing will be available on the www.DirtDevilRacing.com website no later than the Tuesday after the race and on www.Ultrasignup.com within 24 hours after the race.

Post-Race Party and Awards Ceremony: Will be held at Mike Hess Brewing in Miramar Tasting Room

Mike Hess Brewing

Great Beer. No Exceptions

 Traveling to San Diego for the Raptor Ridge Half Marathon? San Diego has a long list of great attractions and activities for you and your family to enjoy.  If you will be traveling to the race for the weekend here are a few hotels close to the start as well as some places the Dirt Devils love to check out after a run in the area.

Places to Stay:

Hilton DoubleTree Resort
Rancho Bernardo Inn
La Quinta Inn
Springhill Suites
Residence Inn
Econo Lodge Escondido
Motel Meridian

Things to Do:
San Diego Safari Park
Orfila Vineyards and Winery
Stone Brewing Company
Birch Aquarium at Scripps
Sea World San Diego
San Diego Zoo
Kit Carson Park
Greenflash Brewing Company
Urge Gastropub

Thank you to our sponsors!

Baskin Robbins
Ultimate Direction
Ignite Naturals
Reload Energy Fuel
Knuckle Lights
The Michels Group
Honey Stinger

133 Responses to 2019 Raptor Ridge Trail Half Marathon

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  6. Robert Filacchione says:

    Your $10 packet pick up charge does not feel right. I live in Orange County, coming down that morning. Is it really that difficult to have the packet for pick up that morning. Seems like a penalty for those coming from out of town. No wonder the number of races I do each year keeps decreasing. I would have not signed up just for that, but my buddy already registered and I made a commitment to him to race and hang in SD that day. We will have fun, but that $10 just feels cheap.

    • Dr. Runco says:

      Probably not the right way to approach the situation Robert. Telling me my organization is “cheap” and “not right” really does not communicate what you are actually trying to convey and immediately puts me into a “defensive” mode. The reason the $10 is there is that if we had to give everyone in the race their bibs and race instructions the morning of we would not be able to start the race on time…I know because I’ve done it. The $10 fee was put in place as a deterrent so that the morning of the race would go more smoothly for everyone allowing the race to start on time and for my race day volunteers to not kill me because of the stress. That being said I really do not need your $10 so if you want to pick up you bib the morning of and not pay the fee just email me at drrunco@sdri.ent and I will put your bib and race shirt aside and you can get it from me on race morning…….free of charge…..no hassle…..no worries.

      • Darrell Hiatt says:

        Is it possible to pay Sunday A.M. and walk course before start? I don’t run but would like to earn my t shirt. I am new at this. I did same thing on San Marcos double peak challenge a few weeks ago. I finished in 2:10 strolling along Possible?
        I am 6’5″ ex pro with bad knees-xxl tee for me if possible

  7. Cynthia says:

    I don’t mind the $10 fee for packet pick up and I live in San Marcos. It saves me time, Gas money and stress! The volunteers are wonderful every year. Thanks for a fun event! Can’t wait!

  8. Stacy Mueller says:

    Hi Dr.Runco!
    Its been so long since I registered, I cant remember if I added myself to the after party. Do we need to register for the post party or not? My memory is failing me!
    Thanks !

  9. Lisa says:

    This is my first half marathon and I am trying to get used to carrying water. Is the power shot or quick shot to small or little of an amount to carry? I think it only holds 6-8 oz. I’ve tried a larger bottle, but it was too cumbersome and drove me nuts. My hand keept sweating. I also don’t like the feeling of something on my hips or back moving. I found it very disruptive. The power shot was the only one I could get used to, but I also don’t want to be stupid either. What are your thoughts?

  10. jason says:

    Anyone know what the elevation gain is? Thanks

  11. vanessa says:

    Hi !
    Is the registration still open ?
    Thanks !!

  12. Drew says:

    how would you compare this run to the SD Rock and Roll Half? difficulty wise!

    • Dr. Runco says:

      I would not compare it to it at all. This is a trail race. It is mostly flat with Raptor Ridge gaining 365 feet of elevation at mile 4-5 then you drop down the backside, cruise into the aid station and turn around only to encounter the brooding mountain again. The climb is tough, the views are amazing and the entire course is challenging. The after party is even better.

  13. Ivan says:

    I understand that registration has closed (and the link to active.com isn’t working). But is there any way I can get registered for this race? I’m a solid competitor and would love enter this challenging race. I’ve got a buddy in it already and one or two that would also like to join.

  14. Danielle says:

    I just tried to register using the link you posted but the active.com registration wasn’t working…hoping to get one of the last 14 spots :)

  15. Matt W says:

    i just registered on active.com for the run even though registration is supposed to be closed. any way to confirm that i successfully signed up? the status is confirmed on the registration summary page.

    • Dr. Runco says:

      it’s good if it was confirmed Matt

    • Darrell Hiatt says:

      Is it possible to pay Sunday A.M. and walk course before start? I don’t run but would like to earn my t shirt. I am new at this. I did same thing on San Marcos double peak challenge a few weeks ago. I finished in 2:10 strolling along Possible?
      I am 6’5″ ex pro with bad knees-xxl tee for me if possible

  16. Michelle Castaneda says:

    Hi Guys,
    I tried to look up my name to confirm you have me registered for this race and I show not registered. I have a confirmation that I signed up. Could you verify for me that I am registered.
    Thank you,

  17. Steve Bean says:

    Any idea when you’ll be notifying people on the Wait List whether they’re in or not?



  18. Steve Bean says:

    Sorry, for Raptor Ridge

  19. Stephen says:

    I sent a message to you on Facebook but figured I would ask here as well…are you guys having the same races planned for 2014? If so, when are you planning on announcing the dates? I just moved here in time for Raptor Ridge, but I would love to do the whole series next year.

    • Dr. Runco says:

      Me and the rest of the Dirt Devil crew will get together after Raptor Ridge and schedule our dates. We are reorganizing the Half Marathon Animal Series as well as the Summer Grand Slam Beer Series to be less stressful on us. But here is a brief idea of when and where.

      April Foxy Half Marathon at Lake Hodges
      April Coyote 5K Lake Hodges
      June Wildhorse Half Marathon Otay Lakes
      June Sidewinder 10K Otay Lakes
      August *****Stairway to Heaven Half Marathon*** Mission Trails Park
      August Stairway to Heaven 15K Mission Trails
      October Raptor Ridge Half Marathon San Dieugto River Park/Mule Hill Trail
      October ****Bonus race*** Halloween Howl at the Moon Half Marathon Green Valley Falls (only 200 participants will be allowed)

  20. Gary says:

    I sent in my Wait List request for Raptor Ridge a few weeks ago. Are you still planning on letting us know, one way or the other, some time today (Wednesday)? Thanks!

  21. Mark Johnson says:

    Looking forward to Raptor Ridge Half this Sunday! This will be my 3rd run with you guys. What a great group. I can’t thank you enough for putting on these events! Hats off to the Dirt Devil Racing Team!!!

  22. Colleen Jones says:

    My husband came down today to pick up my race packet along with my daughters and he was told that I was cancelled. After a lot of arguing someone “allowed” my husband to pick up a packet. I have not cancelled so I don’t understand what happened; but I do know that because of the way the issue was handled, I will NOT run again with this group.

    Colleen Jones

    • Dr. Runco says:

      Your husband was rude and inconsiderate to my wife who was trying to help and fix the situation. The registration website, Active.com shows that you cancelled your registration and were issued a refund. During the course of ones work day you might encounter computer errors, human mistakes and other glitches that you try to overcome. Because the Active.com website shows you cancelled and were issued a refund you did not appear on our active roster for the race on Sunday. My wife was attempting to explain to your husband what the situation was when he became both aggressive and rude. Truthfully I asked him to leave and had it been up to me would have not given him your race stuff. My wife on the other hand did give him your stuff and told him you could race regardless if the active.com site that showed you were issued a refund was accurate or not. You certainly have a right to not ever run with our group again but to be clear it was your husband who caused the negative situation

      • Colleen Jones says:

        Thank you for your response, I will check the site; but I did not cancel nor did I receive a refund. Although I was not present for the encounter between you and my husband I do apologize for his behavior.

  23. Colleen Jones says:

    I just checked Active.com and it does not show a cancellation or refund. Obviously there has been a mistake.

    • Dr. Runco says:

      That would appear to be the case. I am going to contact active.com once we can get someone “live” to explain. You are obviously welcome to run Raptor Ridge which was always our intent despite the active.com error

      • Colleen Jones says:

        Thank you, I did run today and it was an awesome race with beautiful weather. Thank you again; and again, I apologize for my husbands behavior on Friday.


        • Dr. Runco says:

          Everyone has a bad day and is entitled to a “mulligan” no worries and I am really glad you decided to run AND had a great time! We hope to see you at 2013 Dirt Devil Racing races Colleen!

      • John Lee says:

        Awesome race. I am in and Looking forward to the photos and race results in 2017.

  24. Mark Johnson says:

    Another great race at Raptor Ridge Half today! Please commend your staff. It takes alot of planning and patience to pull these races off. Dr Ronco…thanks!

    • Dr. Runco says:

      Thanks Mark! i always tell people it is similar to planning a wedding…….9 times a year! We have 400 guests, refreshments and party favors and we want everyone to have a great time. I could never do it without all the Dirt Devil Racing staff and volunteers. We hope to see you at the 2013 Dirt Devil Racing races!

  25. Debbie Gray says:

    What is the fee to enter the 4/28/14 Foxy 1/2?

    • Dr. Runco says:

      when registration opens the early bird will either be $55 or $60 depending if registration fees are required and a few other details

  26. Jason says:

    Awesome race. Looking forward to the pics and race results.

  27. Joshua Garrett says:

    I really enjoyed the race, my first all trail half marathon. I hope the races for 2014 are scheduled for different weekends than the other big half marathons in the San Diego area. I would love to run a lot more of these next year.

    • Dr. Runco says:

      we like to put them opposite the road races to give runners that have done them an alternative

      • Joshua Garrett says:

        Looks like I might be skipping the Triple Crown and several other road races next year. Do you know when the Wild Horse Trail Half Marathon will be next year?

        • Dr. Runco says:

          Here is the preliminary schedule. I still have to confirm exact dates but Wildhorse will be the beginning of June for sure

  28. Dennis says:

    This progressive race series was an excellent way to really get into trail racing. I’ve done a bunch of road races, and with this being my first trail 1/2 marathon, I don’t think I’ll be going back to road racing for a long time. I was a little bummed that the Wild Horse 1/2 marathon was moved to June as I was looking for a race to do in January.

    Much respect to all the volunteers as well as the race organizer. This was such a great experience that I am planning to do the 1/2 marathon series next year. Keep up the good work!!!

    • Dr. Runco says:

      We had to move the January race….besides needing some time off last year was a mud-fest as January is right in the heart of our rain season.
      We are stoked that you enjoyed the race and hope you will join us next year Dennis!

  29. Arthur Blain says:

    My son Gavin Blain (age 14) was apparently only 19 & under participant. He got 1st. (And last :) place in his age group. Can you tell me what his award is & where & what hours to pick up award?

    • Dr. Runco says:

      You can pick up his award at SDRI between now and Thursday next week. Finishers OVER 21 receive a beer with the race logo that was brewed by Dirt Devil Racing…..we can not give him that but we do have another nice prize for him :)

  30. Geronimo Deleon says:

    Anyone know the password for ht ephotos?

  31. Arthur (Vince) Dassow says:

    I wasn’t able to get the pitcher for completing the series after Raptor Ridge. Can I just go by the office and pick it up?


  32. Arthur Blain says:

    My son is 14 & was your only Under 19 entry – can you tell me what his prize is?

  33. Arthur Blain says:

    Ok 1 st time anyone told me to contact her – I just e mailed her – we are 10 e mails into this – just trying to pick up award for my 14 year old

    • Dr. Runco says:

      actually you are not emailing me but using my blog site…..if you want to email me it is runco@sdri.net
      I personally answered your inquiry on the blog and also emailed you regarding the prize and where to pick it up.
      So I will reiterate. You can pick up your sons prizes at San Diego Running Institute. See my website for hours of operation, phone number
      and directions http://www.sdri.net/ please call right now and tell us when you are coming so I can personally put the prize package together
      so that it is ready for you when you get here.

  34. Brian Villacarlos says:

    Will all finishers receive a medal?

  35. roberto says:

    I agree witht the above Robert F. regarding the $10 penalty feel for picking up the packet on the day of the race. I’m from out of town too, L.A., and paying an additional $10 just doesn’t sit well. I loved your stairway to heaven race but please help on this issue for those of us that come from other counties. Thanks…


    • Dr. Runco says:

      it is not a “penalty”. If you run a large city race you would arrive 1-2 days early to pick up your packet at an expo where thousands of vendors will try to sell you there products. They pay the race for this opportunity to market their product at the racers. We also have sponsors but are extremely small as far as employees go. We have the racers pick up their bibs, shirts, and visit with our sponsors so that our sponsors get the opportunity to make you aware of their products and services.
      It also makes race day much easier for our very small staff so that on race morning we can concentrate on the race and not what size shirt someone wants, changes in their bib assignments, questions from the runners and other things that can be handled at packet pick up instead of at crunch time race day morning. If we allowed all 400 racers to pick up race day morning I would have to hire more staff which would result in higher registration fees. So i hope you understand the $10 is not a “penalty” but rather a deterrent so that runners pick up their bibs ahead of time which ensures our sponsors get exposure and makes race day much easier on our small staff. That being said if the $10 is a financial hardship for you simply email me at DrRunco@sdri.net and I’ll pay the fee for you

  36. Nikkala says:

    I’m not sure if I overlooked this information on your website, but will there be water stations on the RR course, and if so, where will they be located? Thanks!

  37. John B. says:

    Just looking for a little feedback concerning the course. I would like to run the Raptor Half Marathon, however concerned about the single track trail and the uphill. I’m in the process of completing one half marathon a month for this year. I started actually in December 2013 with the Holiday Half. As for hills, I’ve run the La Jolla Half and then the Safari Half the following week. So I’ve run with hills, and don’t mind the Torrey Pines hill but had to walk part of the Safari Half with the hill. So to my question, is the hill comparable in the Raptor Half to the Safari Half or the La Jolla Half hills? Thanks

    • Dr. Runco says:

      mmmmm…..comparable. It is 365 feet gain in about 3/4 miles…..on single track….then you drop down the the other side on double track go about a mile out to the aid station-turnaround then have to climb 365 again! On double track this time and descend the 365 on single track…..good news! The last 4 miles is flat as a pancake though farm fields and a historic battle ground. So if I had to pick I would compare it to the La Jolla Half hill except on trail….and you have to do it 2x.

  38. Larry McDaniel says:

    Can you please identify where the aid stations will be on Raptor Ridge Half? Thanks!

    • Dr. Runco says:

      the first one will be near Pomerado road entrance near the turn towards Raptor Ridge…the second will be on the approach to Raptor Ridge and the third (turn around point) will be near the rock on the other side of Raptor Ridge. Since it is an out an back you hit station #2 again as #4 and station #1 again as #5.

  39. Hector Jogga says:

    If I run the first 4.5 mile flat portion at a 7:00 min/mile pace, reach the base of RR by 7:33 am (I’m adding in time for aid stations), ascend the 3/4 mile ridge in approximately 8 minutes, make up time down the back side and reach the turnaround by 7:49, eat one gel, and then head back, do you think this will be easier since the way back up RR is wider and I won’t have to fight as many slow pokes? Will the staff refill my bottle for me? One other thing, what type if gels do you offer, and will some be gluten free? I’m trying to decide also if I should run barefoot or in my Skechers. I feel faster barefoot, I don’t want to intimidate any other runners or worry your crew. Just trying to think of others.

    • Dr. Runco says:

      I am not going to tell you how to race nor what to wear or not wear on your feet Hector as that is a personal issue. I have no idea if it will be easier on the way back for you as some runners are “second half” runners while others try to PR and blow up. The aid station workers will do their best to help you so if you would like them to refill your water bottle….assuming they can they will. The gels are assorted gels and none are purchased to be specifically Gluten free. If you require special dietary supplements I would encourage you to bring your own. Incidentely the post race party at HESS will not have Gluten Free options as far as I know…….no gluten free beer of food so if you require it please bring it.

      • Hector Jogga says:

        Thanks for the advice. I wasn’t even considering how some racers come on stronger in the second half. I’m going to just push myself as hard as I can the whole time, get ahead of the other races and just go hard. I don’t really like the taste of most gluten free gels, I just read they are easier on the stomach. I’m all about any edge I can get. Went in a whole other direction and bought a pair of Hokas, can’t wait to try them out on race day! Hess sounds awesome, I hope they have growlers. Can’t wait to show you guys my best Raptor impression as I cross the finish line : )

  40. Dustin Briggs says:

    I will not be able to make it down to the Friday or Saturday packet pickup as I had planned, can I pay the extra $10 and pick up Sunday before the race (RR half)?

  41. Jen says:

    That was a great event! So glad it was on the weekend that I visited San Diego. :-)

    Thank you to the organizers!

  42. Marcy says:

    I just wanted to thank Dr. Runco, the other organizers of the event, and all the wonderful volunteers who cheered us on on that toasty morning. You are so appreciated!

    What impressed and humbled me the most was the encouraging words that came from the first finishers as they were working their way back down, when we were still climbing. Wow. Very cool. It struck me as incredibly generous, and I found it supremely encouraging. A heartfelt thank you to all! I loved doing this first half marathon on trail. I hope to do many more.

  43. Rick Siebern says:

    Great job as always Dr. Runco. and all your helpers. Can never have to many pint glasses. Love these events and look forward to next years runs. And many thanks to Pat for the Great photos. Much appreciated!!!!!

  44. Jeanne Bruss says:

    Hi Dr. Runco. Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful event. This was my first official half marathon and I enjoyed running it. I had to leave right after I was done. Where can I get the results and perhaps my prize, if I am entitled to getting one. Thanks again.

    • Dr. Runco says:

      results are posted on ultrasignup.com
      I believe you did win…..I will be sending out an email soon with how to download photos, get prizes etc

  45. Dirk Beer says:

    What is the the 5K route? Will it include the steep section?

    • Dr. Runco says:

      if you are referencing the Raptor Ridge 5K then the answer is no there is no hill at all in the 5K. The 5K is meant as a fun run for those whose family or friend is doing the half.

  46. Ryan Cornish says:

    I checked the results for the 2015 Raptor Ridge half marathon and my name wasn’t on the list. My name is Ryan Cornish and my bib number is 72. It should be around the 3 hour mark. I was concerned because I hope the race would count towards the California half series challenge medal. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  47. Warrigal says:

    The 2016 race is so close to Halloween – do people wear costumes? ;)

  48. Gerry says:

    For series finishers who can’t make it to the afterparty, can we email you to arrange alternate pickup of our growlers?

  49. Joseph Lerner says:

    Any way to still sign up? Would be interested in 1/2 marathon run.

    • Dr. Runco says:

      bring $90 cash…no checks or credit cards will be taken. See Krista. All info is on the race page but recommend getting to starting area no alter than 6 to sign up, check in etc
      post race celebration is at Mike Hess Miramar on Silverton Drive………not North Park as it was last year

  50. Robert Lynch says:

    Hi, Just a quick question on age groups. I’ve been running marathons since 1968 and ultras theses last 5 years and in most races the age groups goes to 70+ why do many of the San Diego races that I’ve seen have age groups end at 60+. I do realize that there are not many 70+ entrants in races but I think it is important to encourage older participants. Thank you and have a great day, bob lynch

  51. Chris Murray says:

    Is it sold out for this year? Jus t moved to town and found this today, looks cool. Any chance of a late entry?


  52. Karin Watosn says:

    I am considering signing up for the 15k 10/13/19. I only saw the course map for the half, is it a similar course? Is there a cut off time for the 15k? Is there a fee for packet pickup in the morning (I saw this was a contentious issue from previous posts – I am coming from out of town and don’t care). And, is there a medal for the 15k?



    • Victor Runco says:

      Both the Half and 15K are out and back courses on the same track so the courses are similar. All finishers for both events receive a medal, shirt and race stadium cup. There is only packet pick up the morning of the event for both events and there is no charge at all Karin

  53. Keith says:

    Is the 15K race still open for sign ups? I did not find the registration link on the website .
    Let me know. Thanks!

  54. Lee Lujan says:

    Hello Team,
    Good afternoon –
    Thank you for the courtesy email response.
    I’m appreciative for potential-opportunity to participate in Raptors Ridge Half Marathon this weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to connect with the sites sign up event protocol, it continues to decline the sign up effort.
    I managed to create a profile, and no luck w/ the wait-list signing availability.
    As mentioned, I would be willing to pay ad added generous last minute entry fee.
    Can I show up on race day, Raptor ready for the race with a valid I.D. and cash on hand, please.
    Thank you

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