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Dirt Devil Racing provides free race photo downloads.  The link will be sent to you in a post race email as well as be posted on the race webpage within a few days following the race.

We are also known to create a race video so make sure to smile…ya never now when you might be starring in one of our videos!

2019 Raptor Ridge Photos

2019 Foxy Half & 5K Photos

2018 North Park Santa Run Photos

2018 Raptor Ridge Finish Line Photos

2018 Raptor Ridge Course Photos

2018 Race Course Photos by Greg

2018 Wildhorse Finish Line Photos

2018 Aid Station 2 (Mad Cow) Photos

Half Marathon Photos Near the Marina Aid Station

Half Marathon Photos Approaching the Finish

Foxy Finish Line Photos

Start/Finish Line Photos

Graffiti Tunnel Aid Station Photos

Upper Otay Lake Aid Station Photos

2017 Stairway to Heaven Half Marathon & 15 Finish Line Photos

2017 Stairway to Heaven Half & 15K Course Photos

Photos from the 2016 Wildhorse Trail Half Marathon and 10K

Trail photos

Finish Line Photos Part 1

Finish Line Photos Part 2

Photos and video from 2016 Stairway to Heaven

2016 Stairway to Heaven Finish Line Photos

2016 Stairway to Heaven Finish Line Photos 2

Finish Line Video

2016 Stairway to Heaven course photos

more 2016 course photos

2016 Raptor Ridge Photos

2016 Finish Line Photos

11 Responses to Event Photos

  1. Renee Kurz says:

    I’m interested shooting event photos at your events. I have professional grade equipment and my photos have been shown in exhibitions.

    • Dr. Runco says:

      Thank you for the offer Renee. I do currently have a photographer….is this something you want to do as a hobby or do you want payment? If you want to do it as a hobby then I would invite you to participate at our next event and see how you like it. If you are seeking payment as I said we already have a photographer.

      • Renee Kurz says:

        I would love to do both! How would I go about participating in an event? What would I need to do to be considered more than a hobby photographer for your company?

        • Dr. Runco says:

          We would have you come out and shoot some photos along the course at the April race. This would be done as a hobby though. As I said we do have a professional photographer that we currently pay for service.
          We might be able to have you offer your photos for free or for payment via a website you could create

  2. Vince says:

    Were the photos for the 5k posted. I must have missed them.

  3. Natasha Swartley says:

    When are the photos and results from the Wild Horse Half going to be sent out?

  4. Oytun Egemen says:

    Hi I am trying to reach to the run photos. I have not received any emails or link. How can I find it. My bib was 200. Thanks

  5. Dominic M Dougherty says:

    “The link will be sent to you in a post race email as well as be posted on the race webpage within a few days following the race.”
    Is this old info?
    Looking for race photos from 2018 Foxy

  6. Ali says:

    Any ETA on Chupacabra photos? Thanks!

    • Victor Runco says:

      unfortunately both of our photographers had babies that day so we had no official photos being taken. That said I think there are some out there that the aid stations took.

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