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Race Mandatory Read

Course Description:

Dirt Devil Racing utilizes some of the coolest trails available in San Diego.  Our races offer both single and double track trail, hills, lakes, canyons and scenic views.  See race page for maps and specific course descriptions.

Aid Stations:

Depending on distance Dirt Devil Racing provides aid stations in varying numbers.  Our 5K may have only one aid station while our Trail Half Marathons typically have 4-5 aid stations.  They are well stocked with water, electrolyte drink and energy gels.

No Littering!

Any racer caught littering anywhere on the course will be immediately disqualified.  DO NOT LITTER.  There are garbage bags at the aid stations.

Head Phones:

Are permitted….BUT, you must leave one ear free so that you can hear other runners approaching you from behind.  There is nothing worse than a trail snail blocking the trail because they are rocking to the Jonas Brothers.  If you can not follow this rule you will be disqualified and beaten profusely by all other racers   : )

Rattle Snakes.

There are rattle snakes in California.  Hopefully you will hear one before you see it!  That is their way of letting you know to take a wide berth.  YOU CAN’T HEAR IT IF YOU HAVE HEADPHONES ON!


If you must wear headphones to entertain yourself while running you can only wear it in one ear.  This will allow you to hear critters and runners behind you that would like to pass.  Ya, I said it twice :)

Passing on the trail:

Yell!  “ON YOUR LEFT!”  When you want to pass.  The slower runner in front will move to their RIGHT allowing the runner behind to pass on their left.  If a runner is approaching you from the front move over slightly to your right so that both of you can pass without a collision.


Make sure your bib is 100% visible on the front of your shorts or shirt. (Do NOT Fold!) You must announce your number at the turn around point/aid station to ensure your time.  Any runner that does not go all the way to the turn around point will be disqualified from the race.  When crossing the finish line you are being video recorded to ensure proper timing.  Your time can only be properly recorded if your bib is visible in the front of your shirt or shorts.  (If you are missing in the standings, that’s why!)


If for some reason you decide to drop, be it injury, improper training, hung-over, etc YOU MUST drop at an aid station AND tell the aid station captain you are dropping.  They will take your bib for liability reasons. This is the only way we know you did not simply walk of the course and go home. We have to delay the Awards Ceremony each time a racer does this, as we send Sweepers and Rangers out to find missing racers. It is frustrating to all.  Please be courteous and follow this simple rule.  It’s for everyone’s safety.

Cut off time:

There is a 3.5 hour limit on Half Marathons and the Stairway to Heaven 15K.  Other race distances are 3 hours.

Thank you for your participation!! Come to the Post Race Party:

Dirt Devil Racing and all of our Sponsors thank you for your participation in our races. We typically have a post race Awards Ceremony at the finish line area. See the specific race page for details as each After Party and its details differ from race to race.

Bib Pick-up Times & Location

Bib pickup will always be the morning of the race, at the race Start Area.  See specific race page for details.

*Be sure to check the details on each race page for changes or other notes specific to a particular race.

***Make sure to have your photo ID ready or a picture of it on your smart phone in order to pick up your bib***

MANDATORY Race Day Check-in:

All race participants MUST check in on race morning. Parking lot opens at 5:45 am.  Race check in begins at 6:00 am. Failure to check in prior to starting the race will result in automatic disqualification, meaning no time will be posted in the Race Results. Sounds harsh? … we know … but think of it this way; if you forget to print your airline boarding pass, or check-in with the gate agent, will your flight wait for you? … or refund you if you miss it?!  Nope. (Us neither. Welcome to Dirt Devil Airlines.)

If I Can’t Run How Do I Get A Refund or Transfer My Bib?

Refund Policy:  There are no refunds…no exceptions.  However, Dirt Devil Racing does allow for bib transfers or distance changes 2 weeks or MORE prior to the race, however there is a $5 admin fee to do so.

Steps to CHANGE the distance you want to run:

1.  You must notify the race director (Runco@sdri.net) with your request no less than 2 weeks out from the race.  Give full name used for sign-up, and the NEW distance you want to run if dropping down for any reason. That’s it. Simple.  (*We will make every effort to accommodate “special” Race day changes/allowances, however, you may not be guaranteed a race time or name in the standings.)

Steps to CHANGE the Racer’s Name/Info: 

1.  If transferring your bib to another racer … You must notify the race director of your full name used for sign-up, the full name of the the person taking your bib, and their email address.  The NEW Racer must also notify the race director (Runco@sdri.net) and then go to ultrasignup.com to register their own information and sign the release.   Upon completion, the NEW Racer will be prompted to pay….DO NOT at that point… but instead proceed to checkout where they will see a balance of $5.00 (This is the change fee.)  If it says anything other than “$5” take a picture of the screen, get off the site, then contact Runco@sdri.net.

If all necessary information is not provided to the race director in the time-frame required, the bib will be “disqualified.”   Again … No bib transfers will be accepted within 2 weeks from Race Day …….no exceptions.

Race day changes are NOT guaranteed, but every effort will be made in emergency cases only.  Please see “Krista” at Bib Check-in.

(Side Note: Individual race prizes and the shirt size originally ordered will go to each race finisher. However, no Series Award Prizes will be given to a racer that does NOT personally run ALL 4 races in the series. Keep this in mind when doing a bib transfer, or distance drop down, if you have signed up to run a Series.)



If you can no longer run the race and it is too late to find a replacement, you are encouraged to let the Race Director: Krista@SDRi.net know that you are canceling. This will “potentially” allow another Wait Listed racer the opportunity to run if there is enough lead time. Sure you don’t get your money back, because all the race expenses have already been paid out, including the schwag and goodies, porta-potties, permits, insurance, etc that we have purchased on your behalf … but it does net you some great “running karma” for your next successful race!! And who doesn’t need that, right?!!!

Wait List:

Once the race is sold out …. (and it will) …. you can use our sign-up form to reserve your spot on each race’s Wait List.

This is the information that will be required to complete that process.

  • Once your completed info is received you will be wait listed in the order your ‘original’ email request was received.

  • Please do NOT send duplicate emails, unless it contains separate racer info.

  • Please be sure the EMAIL ADDRESS you use in your answers is one you can check 24/7.

  • All fields must be filled out in order for your Wait List to be entered in the system.

  • As cancellations come in, the next on the Wait List will be EMAILED and offered the chance to pay for their race entry.

  • Once payment is complete you are in. You will NOT be required to pick up your bib until race morning.

You MUST BRING your proof of payment email and your Driver’s License on race morning in order to get your Bib. You will sign the Race Release Waiver, then run your little heart out, smiling all the way!!!

To sign up for our Wait List, CLICK HERE

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  1. Charlotte Huff says:

    Dear Dirt Devil Racing:
    Do any of the Dirt Devil Races have a walking component?

    • Dr. Runco says:

      Not specifically. The half marathons have a 3 hour cut-off. The shorter distance races have had some walkers as well

  2. anne says:

    does the grand slam 5k, 10k, 15k, and half have to be done in the same calendar year to qualify for the special shwag?

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