San Diego Dirt Devils (Trail) Running Club

We train and have fun while we explore San Diego – just a few of the many members

Train with the Dirt Devils

I know you have thought about it.  Do you really want to run the same old stale road races again in 2019.  Challenge yourself in 2019!  Come train with the Devils and see San Diego….not the streets but the mountains, the desert and all San Diego has to offer.  Along the way you will become a proficient trail runner and learn the trails of Mt. Laguna, Anza Borrego and San Diego. The best part….it’s only $20!  You’ll make that back in race discounts alone!
SIGN UP HERE  Kick off is next Saturday January 26th at San Clemente Canyon 7am followed by the Dirty Dirt Devil Beer Trolley Tour (see below).  All info is on the site when you join.

Don’t worry if you missed the Kick-Off. You can join anytime and train with us. This years race lineup includes The Foxy Half Marathon in April, Oriflamme Canyon 50K in April, Wildhorse Half Marathon in June, Mount Laguna Marathon in October and the Inaugural ABC 50 Miler in December.

The Desert